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What Is Toonly?


Toonly is a simple, inexpensive, and powerful drag and drop explainer video creation software tool that lets you create professional cartoon explainer videos quickly and easily without requiring video creation skills, animators, illustrators, etc.
Toonly is a software (it’s not an online cloud-based platform), that allows you to easily create explainer videos.
Unlike Doodly these are not whiteboard animation videos.
You will not get the animation of a hand, writing and drawing things on your screen.
Like Doodly it’s simple to use and requires no coding. Just drag and drop.
You can make videos with their library of pre-made people, objects and music.

The preloaded scenes and people have inbuilt animation. You use them to added emphasis to your videos. You can upload your own images (these can be background, people and objects).
But unfortunately, at this stage, there is no way to give your custom images animations.
Make sure to regularly save your video as there is no auto-save.
Then export it at a click of a button and share it around (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram)

Toonly is extremely intuitive to use. To get started just select a background or scene you want to use.
You then drag and drop images, text and audio you want to appear.
If you want, you can record a voiceover straight into it.
Save and export your video and share it around.

What's Included?

The Toonly library has a massive collection of characters, props, and backgrounds. It doesn’t use the typical stock images or photos.
All of the images included in this animation software are custom drawn by their inhouse professional graphic designers. So you can rest assured that all the graphic designs and images you are getting with Toonly are 100% unique.

You can directly record your voiceovers in the Toonly software itself. You can also sync your voiceover to the existing video with the click of a button. You can also upload a prerecorded voice over file, to the software.

Toonly has up to 100 royalty-free music tracks that can be used for your explainer videos. To add the music to your video, you need to simply drag and drop the desired music file to the video timeline.

The explainer animation videos that you create using Toonly can be exported in various high-quality mp4 formats. The mp4 videos can be exported in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, or even 
You can also export the video in 24-60 fps file sizes and low to maximum video qualities.

Why Choose Toonly?

The best part about Toonly is that it is pretty easy to use, I mean you need no training or technical skills to start making a video. You just need a clear idea, and some creativity to start over. Just drag the options from the left, drop them on the screen and keep going on.

Most of the videographers charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for creating a 2-minute animated video and still they won’t make it up to your expectations. Isn’t it better to spend less than a hundred dollars on your own and get software, bringing your creativity to light? I don’t think there is a better platform for beginners and creative people to start.

In a few dollars you get a variety of tools for creating the world inside your head on the screen. The scenes, background, voice, and my favorite feature actions of the characters is available here. You can get them waving, dancing, flying, and rolling a ball or whatever you have in mind. It’s more of a fun experience than work. If you are lacking with time there are custom made scenes that can fasten up your work. You can also add your voice or choose from the music library, you can opt for fonts, and much more. But the good part is even with a variety of features, it is pretty easy to understand and use them in your animation.

It is convenient to download Toonly on your laptop as well as on MacBook. Not just this, it can be on more than two PCs at the same time making it easier and accessible to use.

Sometimes, a few of us like working without internet distraction, or some people also have limited access to the internet. Thankfully, Toonly can be used offline.

Toonly comes with an option to download your video at low to high quality, in a variety of ranges. It is also shareable and compatible with many Social media platforms such as Facebook.

There can be a chance that even with all the attractive features that make your virtual presentation nice you don’t tend to like Toonly. If it is not up to your mark and doesn’t satisfy you, then the company returns you the money with simply an email with its 100 days money-back guarantee.

What Can You Use Toonly For?

Toonly is used by a lot of professions and innumerable businesses to virtually present their motive in lesser time. Many advertisements are created through Toonly as it attracts a huge sum of audiences. It is also used as a tool of learning by Teachers since animation is retained in memory for a longer time. Companies believe animated videos give them more marketing and lesser support calls. Many online channels use animation as a tool for entertaining and grabbing attention. I wouldn’t say animated videos are profession-specific, anybody can use them to present things in a different way.
Some of the many uses for Toonly include:

  • Landing/Email-Capture Pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Channels
  • Video Salesletters
  • Crowdfunding

Toonly Pricing Structure

The standard version is offered at $39 per month with the Toonly monthly subscription and at $20 per month in the annual subscription. 
It comes with 30 characters, 17 animations, 716 prop images, 25 facial expressions, 79 backgrounds, 10 premade scenes, 21 scene transitions, 20 background audios, and 3 text animations.
With the Toonly standard membership, you can create unlimited videos. You can use the software on multiple devices and you also get access to premium support.
The thing you don’t get access to, with the standard membership is the Toonly Club. Toonly club gives you access to new characters and props each month.

The Toonly Enterprise membership will cost you around $69 per month with the monthly payment option and will cost you $40 per month with the annual subscription.

With the Enterprise license, you get access to the following.

  • 68 characters
  • 30 character animations
  • 1783 prop images
  • 360 facial expressions
  • 147 backgrounds
  • 20 premade scenes
  • 101 scene transitions
  • 142 background audios
  • 5 text animations
  • Invitation to Toonly Facebook group
  • Premium support
  • And the access to the TOONLY CLUB.

Final thoughts

Is Toonly Worth it?

Yes, absolutely! In this detailed Toonly review post you would have induced that already.
Toonly is the best-animated explainer video software on the market. Toonly is simple to use, you don’t have to be an expert to use it, and it can create impressive and engaging videos than any other software. Despite its drawbacks (which Toonly can easily rectify in updated versions), we will recommend it to create animated explainer videos.

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